About LicenseFiles.com

Now you can easily verify if a specific contractor or tradesman is licensed in any state.

LicenseFiles.com is the first nationwide professional license and registration directory. The site is a license and registration lookup service that allows you to verify the legal licensure status for any contractor, tradesperson or business in the country.

Every state maintains a public database of license holders for each professional category of which it requires qualification. Plumbers, electricians, accountants, dentists, even athletic trainers and barbers need a current license to practice in most states. We have aggregated all their information into this single system to make your research easier.

You will find every professional licensing category across the country including building construction and remodeling, health and beauty, financial, medical and general professional service providers.

The license files available in this directory are updated several times each year to give you the latest legal records available from your state’s licensing board.